Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Photography Courses Online - An Overview

Today, photography courses online are of great importance instead of the conventional classes. You can attend these online classes from the ease of your home and can fix your own schedules. These online photography courses are perfect for both the fresher and experienced students since the syllabus of such courses vary from person to person depending on their requirement.
There isn't any interactive experience in an online class and the lack of students around you makes it a little harder for you to work independently. On the other hand, online photography courses have a lot of benefits that draw hundreds and thousands of students to online schools each year.
Learning Experience - Online classes cover a wide range of areas and have better course outline than the conventional ones. There are a lot of specialized courses for students to select from. Students who are in search of very particular areas of studies, online courses are the best resource for them. These courses are updated regularly and an insight to the up-to-date tools and technology in photography field is provided.
Techniques - There is more than one technique to capture the same subject. The techniques for capturing vary and for each of these techniques you will see different results. A good online course can give you a proper insight to different techniques of photography, which can be used on the same subject. Depending on the kind of technique you follow, the result will vary.
Dealing with your Subject - For any kind of photography whether it is still life or fashion photography, the method of handling your subject varies a lot. Your model's mood swings does not matter when it is about still life photography but you have to give proper instructions to your model. This requires a lot of patience and practice. Likewise, it is easy to have command on your model depending on different lightning conditions but for still life you have to follow complex setups to rearrange lighting settings.
Photo Editing - It is a difficult process nowadays, particularly when you take photographs in RAW format. Photographers take RAW format pictures so that they can make some corrections without losing the quality of the picture. It is a common belief that it is important to take RAW format pictures if you want to retain the quality after editing but it is not true anymore. High quality JPEG format is also very efficient nowadays. There is a limit on the number of corrected you can do and you must always stay within the limits. Accurate editing techniques can help you in enhancing the visual aspect of every photo. Therefore, learning editing techniques is very important.
Know the Good and Bad - There are a number of pictures which appeal to us when we are amateur but when seen through an expert's eye, just a few of them are of good quality. Factors like composition, blur, exposure, lighting, and number of objects in a frame play a vital role in deciding whether a photograph is good or bad.


  1. This is pure BS.. I hoped for better original content ( I know I decided to read this blog :) )Am pretty disappointed with this blog.

  2. I agree that photography is not so easy as I photograph vintage snowmobile clothing that I sell. I have trouble with lighting mostly, and the digital camera capturing colors as I see them. Editing is another task. I use Adobe Photoshop CS4 on this computer and Photoshop 8 on another. I am a novice so it takes me forever. I enjoyed your subject, keep it up.

  3. nice article..thanks for the photograph info :)